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I'm Tayna!

I'm the one behind everything! I have always loved to contemplate every single detail and beauty of an event; my birthday parties always had a different theme since I wanted to create something unique and memorable.


Talking a little more about me, I am originally from Brazil, I love to travel and explore new places, that’s why I fell in love with Toronto and everything this city has to offer. I got engaged recently with my high school sweetheart and realized I didn’t want my bridal party to have the stress of organizing and decorating my bridal events, I just wanted everyone to have fun, so that’s how I came up with Bach Fairy. 


Bach Fairy was born out a passion of designing, a desire to make every moment memorable and spend unforgettable time with the ones we love. Now, that’s enough about me, I am super excited to meet you and your friends! Bachelorette party

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