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Our services are totally customizable, so you can include everything you want on your bachelorette weekend. Please don't hesitate to inquire about any other services that aren't included here!

Prices are based off the number of guests in your party.


Decor Setup

Our goal is to make your Hotel/Airbnb as instagramable as possible! You choose a theme and we make it happen. Think balloon garland, brides room, confetti everywhere and more surprises.

 Full Bach - Lets turn your place into full glam bach weekend! From ballon garland, banners, to brides room decor, tons of balloons and much more surprises.

Untitled_Artwork 7.png

Bach to go

We know is hard to find everything matching to decorate the place, but we got you!​ We will prepare everything in a box and mail it to you, so you can just put everything up and be ready to party!

 Bach to go - You can customize your box to your liking, but mostly we include a balloon garland, curtain backdrop, banner, foil balloons, stickers, drink pouches, our bach bags if required and much more! 


Fairy Package

Call us your Fairy God mother and let us throw you an unforgettable bach weekend!​ We will do everything for you, so you can party stress-free. From decorating your place to customizing Bach fairy bags, from planning activities to getting a limo ride, itinerary & invitation print, we got you! Just tell us your ideas and we will make them come true.

Limousine Ride

Full Bach Decor

Neon signs and lighting

Bach fairy bags 

Itinerary & Invitation print

Custom party items

Bride's room decor

Planning & Reservations

Booking Activities

and much more!


Bridal Suite

On your wedding day, you deserve to feel like a royalty! We'll deck out the entire suite so you and your bridesmaids can get dress-up in the mood!

 Bridal Suite - You can customize to your liking! We can decorate the whole suite.

Bach fairy bags

Who doesn’t like bach favours? it can add such a special touch to your weekend! Think custom shot cups, hangover kit, cowboy hats, sunglasses, matching shirts, ​we can customize to your preference.

 Bach Fairy Bags - All bags are customized to your group, you can really mix and match what goes inside. Some ideas would be: hats, fun glasses, fun straws, bach tattoos, hangover kit and much more!

Bags start at $35 each.



Add ons

We have partners all over the city to make your party more fun! Here is some add ons we can offer, but if you don’t see what you want, please let us know we can make it happen!

 Limousine ride

 Itinerary planning

Neon Sign


Bach Games

Invitation/Itinerary print

We are so excited to start planning your dream party!

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