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And why you should do your party in here!

You might be wondering what Toronto has to offer when it comes to partying, so we put together a little guide to our lovely city so you know exactly what to expect when visiting



The nightlife in Toronto is the most exciting in all of Canada; no matter what you're searching for, Toronto has it covered. Toronto’s only problem when it comes to nightlife is too much choice! The city has something for everyone, from live music bars to dance clubs that will keep you dancing all night. There are probably around 30 solid well-known clubs in Toronto, only counting the larger ones, and over 400 bars, so you'll definitely find a location where you can have fun!



If you and your group are more into outdoor activities, Toronto also has you covered! There are so many outdoor activities all year around such as kayaking, hiking, relaxing at the beach, watching an outdoor cinema, and much more. And don’t worry, If you come in the winter there's still plenty to do! If you enjoy ice skating on a frozen lake, roasting s'mores over an open fire, chilling in a natural jacuzzi or visiting our winter market, winter is the time of year to visit!


Weekend Stay

There are plenty of hotels and Airbnb choices for your party if you don't live locally! You'll find everything you need here, whether you're seeking for a city vibe or a cottage core. Also, most of the locations to party downtown are within walking distance, making it easier to commute, or you can simply take a cab. We understand that navigating the city, even just to go buy booze and snacks for your party, may be difficult, so we also provide a "Stock the fridge" service for our bach clients! Just let us know what you'd want us to buy, and we'll make sure your fridge is ready to party when you arrive at your Airbnb/home.

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